Check In w/ the Blue Mirror


In My Lifetime

While I'm writing another piece on the Underground Kingz of the 1930s, I thought I would give you a piece of tomorrow's history. Find your way here: It's a bigbook, lotsa tunes & worth reading. He's not our Duke Ellington, he's not even our Sammy Davis Jr. But he's ours. Study hard my friends.


Mannish Footnote

We'll end the dance, one we've earned, between now and January. As we begin the march, we should keep these words from another era in mind:

Each looked for an easier triumph and a result less fundamental and astounding.

Aww yeah. I'm with this.


No B. O child. Y. Not today.

At the close of the year 1834, Mr. Freeland again hired me of my master, for the year 1835. But, by this time, I began to want to live upon free land as well as with Freeland; and I was no longer content, therefore, to live with him or any other slaveholder. I began with the commencement of the year, to prepare myself for a final struggle, which should decide my fate one way or the other. My tendency was upward. I was fast approaching manhood, and year after year had passed, and I was still a slave. These thoughts roused me -- I must do something. I therefore resolved that 1835 should not pass without witnessing an attempt, on my part, to secure my liberty. But I was not willing to cherish this determination alone. My fellow-slaves were dear to me. I was anxious to have them participate with me in this, my life giving determination. I therefore, though with great prudence, commenced to ascertain their views and feelings in regard to their condition, and to imbue their minds with thoughts of freedom. ...I talked to them of our want of manhood, if we submitted to our enslavement without at least one noble effort to be free.

That represent man