Check In w/ the Blue Mirror


Mo Betta

A lady tell me the other day
No one can take her sweet man away
I ask her what was the mystery
She say coconut water and rice curry
You can cook it in a pot, four for five
You can serve it very hot, four for five
Coco got a lotta iron, four for five
Make you strong like a lion, four for five


Elijah Wald is Right

Dig this big crux:

"That duality -- sometimes gangsta, sometimes smooth, cuddly and pimpish -- defines Snoop and has allowed him to have a long career in which he's loved by both gangbangers and soccer moms."

Can't find the RS author who wrote this, but it holds.

Oh my God, look at my yard.

NB: Begins a thread where we do some splaining about the panhiphop tradition, which is a story that can only be told backwards, but allows you to include a whole lot of cool characters in ways they haven't been thought about at the beginning of the story.



Can't Get Started

I've been around the world in a plane,
Settled revolutions in Spain,
The North Pole I have charted,
But can't get started with you.

And at the golf course I'm under par,
Metro-Goldwyn wants me to star,
I've got a house and a show place,
But can't get no place with you.

You're so supreme.
The lyrics I write of you
Dream, dream, day and night of you,
Scheme just for the sight of you.
Baby, but what good does it do.

I've been consulted by Franklin D.,
Even Gable had me to tea,
But now I'm broken hearted,
Can't get started with you.

Ira Gershwin / Vernon Duke

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